About Us

Kaipara Community Association is an Incorporated Society formed in opposition to the proposed Tegel free range chicken farm
proposed for 5763 and 5802 State Highway 12 Arapohue, Dargaville


We believe that the proposed farm is not suitable for our local community, its people or its environment.
We oppose the construction of this industrial chicken farm.
The Tegel application documents can be found here: application

The proposal is a joint application to the KDC and the NRC
Resource consent applications made to NRC include:

  • The taking and use of groundwater
  • The diversion of surface water as a result of flood protection works
  • The discharge of contaminants (mainly odour) to air
  • Earthworks for the development of the site and quarrying

  • Application number - NRC
    Enquiries about NRC applications
    Stuart Savill
    Phone: 09 470 1101, free phone 0800 002 004
    Email: stuarts@nrc.govt.nz

    Resource consent applications made to KDC include:
  • Land use consent for breaches of rules relating to earthworks
  • A reduced setback of buildings from the intersection of State Highway 12 and Whakahara Road
  • The storage and use of hazardous substances
  • Road construction works

  • Application number - KDC
    Enquiries about KDC applications
    David Badham
    Phone: 021 203 1034
    Email: davidb@barker.co.nz


    Kaipara Community Association plan to fight this proposal for as long as it takes.
    Unfortunately this involves the requirement for funding, for lawyers, planners and experts for the hearings (such as odour experts).
    We have very generous support from our lawyers and planners, but costs are expected to be in $40,000 range for the first stage hearings.
    To help with this we have started a give a little page, please consider helping our fight by giving a donation.
    Any size donation will help, and all funds will be used strictly for the legal costs involved.
    The give a little link is: Givealittle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who will be affected?
    The factory farm is so large, it will affect the entire community, and large parts of the Kaipara environment.
    What will the effects be? The main noticable effects will be:
    A pungent odour coming from the farm, this may extend for many kilometers.
    The large number of buildings will be visable from many locations, including Te Kopuru, Maungaraho and Arapohue.
    Increased traffic 24/7.
    Contamination of air and water.
    Who owns Tegel?
    Tegel is owned by Asian private equity firm Affinity Equity Partners
    How many chickens will be on the farm?
    1.3 million at any one time.
    Total production ~9 million chickens per year
    How big are the sheds?
    138m long, 20m wide, 4.5m high
    How many sheds will there be?
    32 + a large furnace building
    How long will it take to build?
    3 years, if the consents are approved.
    Isnt this a flood prone area?
    Yes it is.
    How much earthworks will there be?
    Approximately 428, 000 m3 of earthworks (cut and fill) is proposed to level ground and build the bunds
    Will there be many jobs?
    Up to 32 jobs. It is unclear how many will be availiable to locals.
    What will happen with the Droppings?
    The droppings will be burnt in large furnaces, up to 40 tons per day.
    How much water will be taken?
    Up to 350 cubic meters of water per day from 3 bores.